Monday, August 26, 2013

My Love Affair With H&M

You might have heard of a little brand called H&M and their exclusive Autumn/Fall collection, in stores September 5th. Generosity is a lifestyle for those at H&M Turkey, in a "Here, take any clothes you want. Oh and if you have people who want to come with you to the shopping event on September 4th, that's cool too" kind of way.

I don't do follow me here, like this picture, go jump off of the bridge and I'll give you tickets to a shopping event kind of things. But two to four people will actually be able to come to the pre-shopping event to get their hands on an Autumn/Fall collection with masculine cuts, bolero inspirations, and permanent closet space. September 4th. If interested, just tell me so.

H&M Skirt (a modern day cinderella skirt, where Cinderella wears dark unless she is by a certain someone.)

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  1. I play my "fırst follower" card! Take me! Beni al, al beni!
    Fashion, fun and games, if interested better call moi!

  2. Beni secerseniz, asla hayir demem :)

  3. ahh bu etek benimde listemde sende de harika durmuş :)

  4. could it be possible in Ankara?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Alara eteğine bayıldım.. daha dogru bi kombin olamazdı! Mükemmelsin

    Vee I'm interested? ^^



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