Friday, December 31, 2010


Alright, alright... I know I've posted way too many posts for a day, but it's the last day of 2010, it's kind of important to get it all out. But this shall be the last one, I promise.

I wish you all an amazing 2011 from the bottom of my heart, with all your family and friends who support you and who love you regardless of what may happen. I hope that you all had a great year, but if not, this is your chance to start a new one; fresh and clean, with all of your hopes and dreams. (If you're throwing up because of my cliche words, skip down to the pictures!) And I just want to say that this blog means a lot to me, and having people check in frequently makes me feel like a proud mama. So thanks for that too ;)

This is a quick post of what I'm wearing tonight - my long dress that I've gotten in New York and have been dying to wear, and chucks, I think my favorite shoes by far. These were the first pair I've ever bought, hence the rips and holes, and hence my mom's hatred towards them. I'll have more pictures and details tomorrow. Hove a safe night every one.




It's the final day of my Best of 2010, for obvious reasons, of my favorite 5 looks from 6 bloggers. I'm not going to lie, I've been having way too much fun looking at everything all these bloggers have worn this year, and taking mental notes for some styling tips. Today we have Sandra from 5 Inch and Up, and Gala from Amlul.

Sandra is pure heaven to me. Her effortlessly girlie style with her beach blonde, perfectly curly hair, and photogenic beauty (which I'm sure is based off of her real life beauty) is to die for. She is one of those girls who you would love to hate, but you can't, because it's not a sin to be drop dead gorgeous with amazing style. (Or is it?)

Gala was featured on the Turkish Vogue website as one of the bloggers in October that I was featured in, and to be honest, since then, I've been obsessively checking her blog, and my jaw has been dropping for her success, and impeccable style. Not only have I been updating myself on her regularly, I've been checking out her favorites too. (I guess this is what stalking is.)

Here are my favorites from Sandra...

... and my favorites from Gala.

ps. If you have some blogs you are obsessed about, please let me know. I'm always open to new obsessions. (That didn't make me sound like a drug addict.)


How could I forget?! The best thing bout yesterday - wow, this is about to make me sound superficial - was my gift from NS. Not knowing my obsession of sculls, he got me a gold scull bracelet, thinking I would think of him every time I look down on, well, bones. Yea, we have a slightly different relationship than you might have thought. From the size of it, to the shape, to what kind of accessory it is, I simply loved it. In return, I got him good food. I'm a great friend.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


You see it's pretty unfair to post top model pictures right after I post mine, because it does me no justice whatsoever, other than to prove my point of models not being real woman, and me definitely being one. However, this post is not about body types. (I heard there was a website called "The Skinny Website," maybe you might want to check that out if you expect anything about being skinny on this blog.) This post is more about how models look like when they're off duty. (Or proof of God's existence.)

Dree Hemingway - Hello? We might not have the same body per se, but we do have the same taste in shoes, only she has it in a different color.

Anna Selezneva - After Derek Lam show, I love when people aren't afraid of mixing prints. (Note to self, DON'T BE AFRAID.)

Shu Pei

Abbey Lee - Who else could pull of a sheer skirt like this? Not me. (But all the people who are size 0-4.)

Daria Werbowy

Freja Beha Erichsen - My nominee for "bad ass chick" (from the song Whatever You Want by Big Sean, get it? Don't make me sing the lyrics) of the year.

Joan Smalls

Britt Maren - I don't know it it's the hair, or the complete look that I want.

Frida Gustavsson

Jessica Hart - I bet no one makes fun of her when she wears the nerdy glasses.

All pictures from Altamira : Models Off Duty.


Although it's not really possible, (no one changes that often in a day, no one - unfortunately - falls in love that fast, and we don't live in an era where people live "in the middle of nowhere," everyone lives close to something!)I like this story line, and how its portrayed in the pictures.

pictures via tfs.


It's day two of my "Best of 2010," and my favorite 5 looks of 6 bloggers. I wish I started this earlier, because the more I look at blogs, the more people I find with unique style, and I enjoy seeing looks that I probably won't feel comfortable in, but have other people rock it. Today, I have Leandra from The Man Repeller, and Arielle from Something Navy.

When I first started reading The Men Repeller, I wanted to have Leandra's number, give her a call, and congratulate her on her sarcasm. You'd be surprised how few people get that kind of humor, and it was great to find a blog that embraced it so much. There is not a post on her blog that I haven't LOL'd to - and I never use that abbreviation.

I recently started reading Something Navy, and I made sure that I went back to the very first post to follow her style. Although the bloggers I feature may not have a style that resembles mine, - Arielle is way more provocative, and clearly has the body to wear everything she wants - they are certainly inspirational.

Here is Leandra's pictures...

... and here is Arielle's pictures.


3.1 Phillip Lim

pictures via


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