Monday, January 31, 2011


I will mark this day as the first day that I've actually made a full meal; spicy chicken with peanuts, garlic mashed potatoes, and salad with croutons. I'm a successful cook when it comes to breakfast, I make better than average French toast, really good scrambled eggs (no one makes better scrambled eggs than my mother, but I'm better than a lot, I guess it runs in my DNA :) ), and really good pancakes. (You can ask my friend Nil, she liked my pancakes so much that she had wanted to have them for dinner when she visited me a here couple years ago.) Actual meals? I am not so good at. However, today I was very proud of myself! Too much boring information for you all? Yea, agreed.

When I wear this coat, I can't put too much detail into my outfit. Even a bright nail polish, or an oversized ring might ruin the whole thing. So I just wore all black on the inside. And I really missed wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, and not have anyone stare at me funny. Cheers to living in SF...
Bugunu ilk kez duzgun bir yemek hazirladigim gun olarak hep hatirlamak istiyorum! Is kahvaltiya gelince iyi bir ahci oldugumu soyleyebilrim, en azindan cogu benim yasitim kisiden daha iyiyim, ama aksam yemeginde biraz sikintiliyim. Fakat ilk kez bugun 3 farkli sey de cok guzel oldu; baharatli ve fistikli tavuk, patates puresi, ve krutonlu salata. Tamam salatayi hazirlamak cok zor olmayabilir ama sosu tutturmak onemli birsey! Fazla gereksiz detay verdigimin farkindayim, susuyorum...

Bu paltoyu giydigimde kiyafetime baska hicbir detay veremiyorum. O kadar rengarenk ki, ojemin yanlis renkte olmasi veya abartili bir yuzuk bile kiyafeti cok abartili yapabiliyor. O yuzden en kisa cozum olarak simsiyah giyindim.


You know I'd take any chance/excuse to put Erin Wasson pictures...

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Name: Alexa Chung, "but people always get my name wrong so I do respond to 'Alex', 'Alexis' or 'Alexia'. Most people call me 'Chung'."
Age: 27 ("pukes into hands")
Birthplace: Winchester, Hampshire, England.
Favorite animal: "Dinosaurs."
Sleep schedule: "I love sleep, but I don't get hardly any because TV production loves for me to be awake by 6 a.m., regardless of the night before."
Street Of Choice: "Bedford Avenue."
Number: "100"
Word: "Volition."
Drink: "Maker's Mark and Coke."
Entree: "Anything with truffle oil."
Best recent magazine article: "The one I just wrote for British Vogue about Christopher Kane. He's perfect."
Body Part: "Legs, because I have no boobs."
Favorite Tweeter: Kanye.
Coffee order: "Frothy."
Day: Thursday
Greatest expenditure: "Clothes don't come cheap, girl."
Escape plan: "Head down, long strides."
Illicit crush: "All my crushes are legit."
What makes you jealous? "Cheating."
Typical dance: "Daggering. Look it up."
Mode of transportation: "The subway. I'm scared of cars."

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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here is the "second edition" of my old fashion(ed) posts. Since we all (or at least most of us) watched the red carpet, I though I'd post something a little more appropriate. This was what I wore to my cousin's wedding in 2006. As you might have noticed, I am a little chubby with my short hair tied back, my face as round as a ball, and a Vera Wang dress that supposedly covers the extra meet on my body. I won't lie, I really liked this dress, and at one point, I got it shortened to wear it more often. I don't know the whereabouts of it now.
Eski resimlerimden ikincisi... Bugun cogunuzun SAG Awards'un kirmizi halisini izlediginizi varsayarak biraz daha agir havada bir kiyafetle resmimi koyuyorum. Bu resim 2006da kuzenimin dugunune giydigim kiyafetin resmi. Ne kadar kisa sacim ve elbisenin bollugu toplu olmami saklamadiysa da, bu elbiseyi cok sevmistim, hatta birkac sene sonra kisaltip da giymistim. Elbisenin suan nerede olduguyla ilgili fikrim yok.


Okay boys and girls, it's time for some Red Carpet action from the SAG Awards. I literally wrote down the names of the people and the outfits that I loved, and even though at first it seemed like there wasn't too many favorites, my list added up to a total of 8 looks. Plus Justin, but that's just eye candy. At the top of my list were Mila Kunis wearing McQueen and January Jones in Herrera. To be honest, I was expecting a little more of Natalie Portman, but she is so gorgeous that I couldn't leave her off my list.
SAG Odulleri kirmizi hali resimleri zamani geldi! Ilk basta acikcasi cok kisiden etkilenmedim, ama show baslamadan son yarim saat once kimlerin ne giydiklerinin notlarini almaya basladim, en sevdigim 8 kisinin resimlerini de koyuyorum buraya. 9. sadece gozumuz gonlumuz acilsin diye, kiyafetinde cok enteresan birsey olmadiginin ben de farkindayim :) En sevdigim iki kisi Mila Kunis ve January Jones'du. Acikcasi Natalie Portman'dan daha cok etkilenmeyi bekliyordum, ama o kadar guzel bir kadin ki, koymamazlik yapamadim!

Mila Kunis (Alexander McQueen) - Claire Danes (Louis Vuitton)
January Jones (Caroline Herrera) - Angie Harmon (Monique L'Huillier)
Dianna Agron (Chanel Haute Couture, Vintage) - Eva Longoria (Georges Hobeika Haute Couture)
Lea Michelle (Oscar De La Renta) - Natalie Portman (Azzaro)

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just when you think I've given up on socks, I strike again :) An old man approached me when I was wearing them, and said "you know the color purple and blue mean the world to me. No the world. THE WORLD." Only happend in San Francisco...

These pictures, unfortunately, were from a few days ago. The weather is pretty miserable right now, so there was no point in dressing up. Uggs + sweats = perfection. However monday, I decided to put on my white button up shirt which I can't seem to let go of, my heels which I've bought 4 years ago for my graduation day at school, and the purse I snatched from my mom as soon as she took it out of it's box, which was given to my mother as a gift.
Coraplardan sikildigimi dusunmeye basladiginiz an yine sasirttim sizi :) Coraplarimi tamamlamak uzere beyaz gomlegimi giydim, ve anneme hediye olarak gelen, ama annemin kutudan cikartmasiyla benim almamin bir oldugu cantami taktim. Malesef bu kiyafet birkac gun oncesinden cunku suan disarsi felaket ic kapatici. Topukludan cok ugglar ve esofman uzerine bir gun gecirdim.


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