Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just when you think I've given up on socks, I strike again :) An old man approached me when I was wearing them, and said "you know the color purple and blue mean the world to me. No the world. THE WORLD." Only happend in San Francisco...

These pictures, unfortunately, were from a few days ago. The weather is pretty miserable right now, so there was no point in dressing up. Uggs + sweats = perfection. However monday, I decided to put on my white button up shirt which I can't seem to let go of, my heels which I've bought 4 years ago for my graduation day at school, and the purse I snatched from my mom as soon as she took it out of it's box, which was given to my mother as a gift.
Coraplardan sikildigimi dusunmeye basladiginiz an yine sasirttim sizi :) Coraplarimi tamamlamak uzere beyaz gomlegimi giydim, ve anneme hediye olarak gelen, ama annemin kutudan cikartmasiyla benim almamin bir oldugu cantami taktim. Malesef bu kiyafet birkac gun oncesinden cunku suan disarsi felaket ic kapatici. Topukludan cok ugglar ve esofman uzerine bir gun gecirdim.


  1. harikaaaaa !!
    gömlegin ck güzel.
    coraplarini da cok tatli..
    hele cantaya bayildm zaten !!!
    ben olsam bende hemen BENIM OLDU! derdim =D

  2. Çantaya da sana da diyecek kelime bulamıyorum. :)) Bayıldım !!

  3. yüzükler, ayakkabılar ve clutch çok iyi tamamlamış birbirini.

  4. Your socks are totally cute and I love the coloring and style of your clutch.

  5. Hey Alara!

    Thankyou so much for your really sweet email! Your feature was so kind, I think I'm blushing and I don't feel worthy. Thankyou so much. Your blog so lovely and i'm loving this look! xx mandy

  6. Hem rüküşsün hem koket! Bayılıyorum sana :)



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