Friday, December 31, 2010


It's the final day of my Best of 2010, for obvious reasons, of my favorite 5 looks from 6 bloggers. I'm not going to lie, I've been having way too much fun looking at everything all these bloggers have worn this year, and taking mental notes for some styling tips. Today we have Sandra from 5 Inch and Up, and Gala from Amlul.

Sandra is pure heaven to me. Her effortlessly girlie style with her beach blonde, perfectly curly hair, and photogenic beauty (which I'm sure is based off of her real life beauty) is to die for. She is one of those girls who you would love to hate, but you can't, because it's not a sin to be drop dead gorgeous with amazing style. (Or is it?)

Gala was featured on the Turkish Vogue website as one of the bloggers in October that I was featured in, and to be honest, since then, I've been obsessively checking her blog, and my jaw has been dropping for her success, and impeccable style. Not only have I been updating myself on her regularly, I've been checking out her favorites too. (I guess this is what stalking is.)

Here are my favorites from Sandra...

... and my favorites from Gala.

ps. If you have some blogs you are obsessed about, please let me know. I'm always open to new obsessions. (That didn't make me sound like a drug addict.)

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