Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's day two of my "Best of 2010," and my favorite 5 looks of 6 bloggers. I wish I started this earlier, because the more I look at blogs, the more people I find with unique style, and I enjoy seeing looks that I probably won't feel comfortable in, but have other people rock it. Today, I have Leandra from The Man Repeller, and Arielle from Something Navy.

When I first started reading The Men Repeller, I wanted to have Leandra's number, give her a call, and congratulate her on her sarcasm. You'd be surprised how few people get that kind of humor, and it was great to find a blog that embraced it so much. There is not a post on her blog that I haven't LOL'd to - and I never use that abbreviation.

I recently started reading Something Navy, and I made sure that I went back to the very first post to follow her style. Although the bloggers I feature may not have a style that resembles mine, - Arielle is way more provocative, and clearly has the body to wear everything she wants - they are certainly inspirational.

Here is Leandra's pictures...

... and here is Arielle's pictures.

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