Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, winter is here. San Francisco is getting colder and colder.

After a few months of open toe heels, I had to take out the boots from my closet
today. I paired them with a mini skirt which I'm learning goes very well with both
flats and heels.

Start using the autumn colors for your outfits; lots of browns, golds, and oranges!

photos by Lana Bachynski


  1. I have a question: are leggings still in for the fall/winter? If they are how can we pair them? I love your blog by the way! Good sense of style girl...

  2. They definitely are in. I would definitely buy a pair of ripped leggings and definitely a pair of leather leggings if I were you.
    I pair them with high heels and a t-shirt, or wear them under a boyfriend shirt.



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