Monday, March 8, 2010


I had a lot of fun at the studio that day. (That's me, dancing to Wane, of course.)I love that top,
it's not clear in the pictures but you can see through the sides; therefore you can see my tattoos. =)
Other than my pink heels, I think this is the only pink clothing I have, and I really like it, even
though it's kind of romantic. Ugh.

Pictures by Carolina Ramirez


  1. beeeeeeetlejuice!

  2. Thanks! Don't you think Carolina looks so fierce and amazing in those photos!!! Yay!!! You look amazing in these photos! I look the photo where you're looking over your shoulder!

    I know you're a directing major and all, but if there any chance you'd be interested in helping me film my make up sessions with Carolina on Fridays? Obviously you'll be credited. I just need someone to film it for my blog... just something fun, you know? If not, I completely understand :) Thanks!



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