Friday, April 9, 2010


There is no better way to spend a friday; start with him, go tan with the girls, then NOT go to work, (my boss didn't call me, not my fault) then end it with dancing around at my place. I sometimes forget how dancing puts me in a great mood. My friend from back home and I do that so much when we're together; just listen to music really loud and dance.
When it comes to stuff like that, stuff that I have been doing for so long back home and can't do here, I get really homesick. I would love to wake up, have breakfast with my mom, tan by the pool, play with my niece, have dinner at Zuma with NS, then end the night with going out with my friends of 15 years. Oh well, it's coming soon...
P.S. Little Freak by Usher, that's what I'm dancing to right now.

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