Saturday, May 8, 2010


Who would have thought that my day was going to start amazing and end horribly? (I actually, I did. It's the curse of the shirt. Whenever he wears that shirt, I am somehow crying by the end of the night.)

But anyways, I shall only talk about the great part of my day. I went to "Vital Tealeaf,"(1044 Grant Ave and 905 Grant Ave, in China Town.) which is basically a "tea" bar where they teach you Chinese tea drinking. You sit down, and try many, many different kinds of tea and learn which one is for what. As two people who love drinking tea, me and my friend were there
for about 2 hours, and I would love to share what I learned!

When you drink green tea, wait for the water to cool down for a minute or two after boiling it so that you don't kill the antioxidants.
Red tea will keep you warm, and if it's a good kind, it would make your tongue dry.
White tea is best for relaxation.
Blue People, which is a tea that leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth, definitely one of my favorites, is for hangovers.
(Perfect for Saturday and Sunday mornings...)
When you drink tea; use no milk, ni sugar, and no lemon. It kills all the healthy ingredients of the tea.


To my luck, on the way back, I finally saw Banksy's latest graffiti, also in China Town.

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