Thursday, July 8, 2010


It was our first "girls night out" since I've been back two nights ago; I felt like I had to dress the part. Turns out, not so much... I don't feel like I was overdressed, but it was definitely uncomfortable, because I feel like since people don't really wear bright colors too much here, my shoes were to much for the streets! Plus, they were definitely uncomfortable to pose in on those wooden blocks which haven't been put in the ground yet in front of my room.

However, I do love wearing these new earrings I got from Betsy Johnson! - where I never get anything from -

And that's my friend Nil's pumps, which she says are really comfortable, and which I really like.


  1. ilk 2 fotoda saç rengiyle kıyafet uyumu süper çok yakışmış.



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