Friday, August 20, 2010


The best way to spend a late Friday afternoon after much work is... all the American editions of the September issues of fashion magazines, a book about Enrico Donati - if you live in Frisco, go to the Weinstein Gallery, he has amazing pieces there - coffee, (which later on turns into wine) and great music. (Clearly having my regular company would be much better, it's just good when you're alone.)

I wish I had great pictures to back this up, but I only have shitty ones with shitty angles I had to take of myself, at the entrance of the apartment I live in. However, at least, I have a great plant and a fake window to enlighten my pictures... Who am I kidding? The pictures suck, try focusing on what I'm wearing - which is my new favorite pairs of boyfriend jeans, which surprisingly kicked my J Brands' ass, and a new sweatshirt which I simply won't take off.

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  1. bende bu jean den istiyoruuuum Bayildim cok yakismis cookiem gule gule giy Very very nice look!!



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