Friday, August 6, 2010


My room has been out of control for a little bit, considering I've been packing for 5 months, to go back to Frisco. It's always hard to leave your loved ones behind. Especially your family; your older brother who is male version of you, your other brother who has the kindest personality in the world, your dad who is your best friend, your mom who is the one person you look up to the most, your step dad who life as you know it wouldn't be possible without, your gorgeous niece who has become the happiness of the family, your cousin who has always been there for you, and all the rest of the family... And friends - true friends who really know you. I already miss you all...



  1. haha LaLa... I see lots of UO pieces there... love you.. have a safe trip.. and u r missed already!

  2. We already miss you too honey!!!
    Have a nice trip back to your place:))



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