Monday, September 27, 2010


I know something's wrong when your mom updates her blog more than you, but yesterday was dedicated to Dionysus. I'm sure I wasn't the only one dedicating my day to her, but I'm sure I was the most miserable to watch. So if I've let you down, dear Goddess, I'm sorry. I know your idea of someone drinking is not the idea I had yesterday..

It's very hot outside right now. I was dressed in all black, of course, but had to change after steeping outside of my apartment and feeling the sun soaked up by my dress. I haven't worn this skirt in a long time, it was at the deep end of my closet, but the color is bright enough for anyone to notice it. And once again, I'll point out the fact that I'm not in heels, like everyone expects me to be 24/7.

Pictures by the lovely Carolina Ramirez. (Click here for her blog.)



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