Monday, September 6, 2010


Daniel is the type of friend who will speak his mind when he is asked. He won't tell you anything you don't need to hear, but he won't lie to you instead either. Which was exactly what I needed Saturday. He is also the type of person to push you to leave the apartment, so you can clear your thoughts, and I love him for that.

We walked all the way down to Market and Gough (what is there, you say? Not much...) to get some art supplies for him. To our luck, on the way, we saw a shop called Acrimony, and went crazy in there. I only ended up getting one, very interesting, I should add, top, but they have some amazing stuff.

Daniel made fun of me for my outfit, since I looked like how I felt, dark, but I felt good looking like that. Sometimes the lows make the highs much higher. I wore my new shoes to make my outfit fun a little bit, I don't know how much that had effect, but I tried.

Daniel was as cute as ever, with his tight shorts, stripes, and a great scarf which he tied from 2 different parts and made it look flawless.


  1. I love your shoes! I used to live in SF, I miss it so much... It's an amazing city.

  2. Thank you! They're 7 For All Mankind, and they're on sale!

  3. I liked so much those pictures cookiem could you send them to me also please



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