Monday, October 25, 2010


Fresh photos! Finally! It was nice enough to be out today - apparently it will start raining again towards the end of the week, which is always what happens; right when it hit's the weekend, I am too miserable to leave the house because it's POURING OUTSIDE! Anyways, sorry to obsess over the weather too much; there isn't much else fro me to obsess about at the moment =)

I love these pants! They're so multi-functional you wouldn't even believe! High waisted, low waisted, dress up, dress down.. What more would you want?? And I bought that shirt a year ago, and named it my "skater chick shirt," which my friend V made fun of a lot. My shoes? I don't even have to comment on how much I love them ;)

Pictures by Carolina Ramirez. (Check out


  1. hey, i love your shoes sooooo much!!!! anywhere i can find them?

    p.s: sana ve kiyafetlerine bayiliiyoruummm, her gun takip ediyorum:) lovezz


  2. Cok mersi =) Asos'tan almistim ama malesef artik satilmiyorlar, bir bucuk sene oncesinin ayakkabisi cunku...



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