Sunday, November 28, 2010


I must say that I had a couple of great days with great company and great food for Thanksgiving. Now it's time to get back to my school state of mind so I can finish up writing a 5 page paper for my Art History class, study for my finals, and get into the holiday season mood. I'm already in the holiday mood, so 1 out of three is done ;)

Back in the comfort of my own house, with the heater running as high as it can get, my outfit pictures will look kind of bizarre. I know this outfit isn't perfect for the weather outside as of now, but that's San Francisco weather for you; for an hour, this outfit was perfect, then came the breeze! It's okay though - I'm the ind of person who wears their summer clothes for as long as they can. By the way, I was about 17 when I bought that necklace. I don't remember where from, but it's so old now that the the face is all erased from how much I've worn it... That's the beauty of old belongings, even though they're not in perfect condition, they feel perfect for you.

Pictures by Carolina Ramirez. (Click here for her blog.)

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