Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's my last week in Frisco before I leave and go home for the Christmas break. Around this time, I always get nervous, thinking I have so much stuff to do, but this time, other than my finals, I don't have much to do. So I'm going to enjoy the chilly weather, orange leaves, gift shopping, and the few people that mean a lot to me. Then I'll be on my way to see my family and friends who I haven't seen in so long.

So today, I walked all the way to North Point. I mean I had a purpose, I had to pick up my mail, but it felt so good in this weather. I forget that different parts of San Francisco have completely different crowds, and completely different things you can do. So I took myself to Crown and Crumpet Tea Room, which I saw on a fellow blogger's blog, the girl from hk, ldn & sf. The overload of pink kind of blinded my eyes, but I LOVED the Marie Antoinette vibe.

Last, but not least, if you think that I have a personal photographer following me, I don't. (Sense the sarcasm, please.) And when I'm walking around alone, it's kind of insane to ask someone to take my pictures for my blog. SO, I kind of did it myself at home, hence the poor color quality, and the not-so-great framing. I like how they turned out, although you can't see any details. (For those of you who care, I have two watches on, my Jeffrey Campbell boots, black jeans, and my oversized sweatshirt.)

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