Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've been very critical of reality shows, especially because they are pretty contradicting with the title they hold, However, I will be completely honest and say I am obsessed with Top Chef : All Stars. (And it's a pretty good balance between food and "reality.")I've been watching Top Chef for 2 years now, and I don't know if it's because of my lack of talent when it comes to cooking, or the bizarre happiness I get out of watching the judges say that someone's food is good. I must sound like an obese girl right now, talking about food this much, but truthfully, I can't wait to go home and have some home made food!

Yesterday, as you can see, it was raining. And although I've been advised not to wear my new shoes, I couldn't resist the calling! I feel like they brought me good luck, I had a pretty good final for my US History class. And although I thought they would hurt my feet within 2 hours, they didn't at all. (For those of you who are concerned, the shoes are still in perfect condition.)

pictures by Carolina Ramirez. (Click here for her blog.)


  1. looooooove the new shoes! and the cute little ring! Love those little details.

  2. :) Thank you!! I found that ring in my mom's old jewelry box and have been wearing it almost every day...



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