Sunday, December 26, 2010


So, I know I left you hanging, - well at least some of you - and now, it's time to deliver. Be prepared for a picture overload of a beautiful night with family, and a beautiful dress. For those family members who can't believe that I'm already uploading these pictures, sorry, this dress, or this table, should not be held back from the world. (As in, my 99 followers.)

I know some has already scrolled down to look at what the Miu Miu package was, and if you were as obsessed about the dress as I was, take a few seconds to try to breathe, and relax. After all, it's just a dress, right? (Wrong.)

There is no way for me to explain how beautifully creative my mom is, and how last night was more about the magnificence of the environment than anything else, and I have pictures to back it up. (For her blog, click here.)Let's start off by name tags. No worries, I won't be showing every single detail - which I might as well -, but these were made by one of the most artistic people I know, and every name card was different. I'll show you a few of my favorites. (For the people he knew, he designed cards accordingly.)

I want to say "we were literally eating on snow," but we weren't, it just seemed like we were. It was as if the whole family had gathered around a table that happened to be on a pathway from one village to another, on a very snowy day. And the last picture is of one of the two dessert options we had. It was a cake we had to tear apart with out hands and enjoy - which my stupid ass didn't do because I was too full from the feast that happened before.

And last, but certainly not least, is the dress. You already know that I had another dress in mind, with matching shoes, for tonight. But to quote Carrie with a few changes, my Miu Miu kicked my nameless dress' butt.

One of the flowers on the dress was detachable, in case any of the flowers came off, (as if I would EVER let that happen) so I took the flower off and attached it to one of my of my rings. Not too bad, huh?

Ps. I know I used some of my mom's pictures, some of mine and some of my cousin's, but it's hard to give photo credits to any one picture in particular.


  1. masayamı sana mı hangibirinize bayılıcam karar veremedim :) harika görünüyor herşey.

  2. Yok masayla yarismam mumkun degil ;) Cok tesekkurler.

  3. annenin blogu var mi:)

  4. cookiem cook tatlisin bitanem :))

  5. Evet! Annemin blogu

  6. Wow, it looks like a Disney Christmas fairytale. Shout out to your mom! Everything looks so beautiful...It's all about the details.

    Now..Da dress: You look gorgeous. Love the whole outfit, from the makeup to the hair to the jewerly and that fantastic dress. Oh and not to mention that cute collar. You need to find a way to wear it more often hahaha...

  7. Thank you thank you thank you! I want to wear the dress even to bed! At least the collar is detachable so I can add it to almost everything I wear.

  8. so cut! very niceee. beauty baby !



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