Monday, December 13, 2010


WE FOUND IT! Daniel and I finally found the dress! And we found it in the first store we went into, and obsessed about it afterwords for at least 3 hours. AND we found the shoes to go with it too. I'm dying to share some pictures, but I kind of want them to be a surprise when I wear them on the 26th. The shoes, I might wear them before, but the dress.. Ahh thinking about it makes me smile now. Don't expect anything too out of the ordinary; it's very simple and very elegant, with a twist...

These are the pants that my friend Deniz gave me. One day in our US History class, she said that she had these pants and they didn't fit her anymore, so I said I'd take a look at them. I can picture my dad shaking his head after seeing what I wore sunday, and laughing to himself, thinking "what was she thinking?" And many of you may agree with him, but I LOVE THESE PANTS. Obviously I can't wear them anywhere I like, and I definitely will not take them home back with me to Turkey, but I can easily wear them here. Come on, it's San Francisco. You see al sorts of outfits.

P.s. No worries, I wasn't wearing this while we were dress shopping today, I know it's not the perfect outfit to be taken seriously! ;)

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