Monday, January 10, 2011


These unprofessionally shot pictures (sorry MK) in low light were shot before my step father's birthday dinner. Who is the hot stud next to me, you ask? That would be my brother, who was extremely kind to steal all the beauty in the family, starting with my grandfather's baby blue eyes, and leave me with... Not too much. Thanks bro.

My stepfather is a milestone in my family. That's all there needs to be said about him. (Hey! No bad feeling towards my dad, who is one of the most important man in my life. And since my brother stole all the beauty in the family, I will exclude him from this "race," and call my dad the most important. Done.)

I look beyond happy for a reason; my mom and I bought this dress last summer, in the hopes of wearing it ASAP, and last night was the first chance I got.


Bu los isikta cekilen fotograflar, anne tarafindaki ailem icin donum noktasi olan birinin dogumgunu yemeginden once ceklidi. Yanimdaki yakisikliyi merak ediyorsaniz abim. Eminim farkindasiniz ki ailenin butun guzelligi onda...

Elbiseyi gece yaz annemle almistik, ve hemen giymeyi umuyordum ama, bir turlu denk getiremedim. Dun gece ilk kez giydim, suratimdaki mutluluk ifadesi ondan olsa gerek...


  1. I tell you only 1 thing: most more posts of your brother please. uhm..does he have a girlfriend? hahah

    you guys both look cute! Super Cute!

    love the dress, where is it from? It would have looked better with a backless bra though.

  2. elbise gercekten cok degisik cok hosuma gitti !!!

  3. As a matter of a fact, he is single ;) Thank you for the lovely comment. And the suggestion, but I LOVE wearing a bra under a backless dress - verry Carrie!! The dress is from Halston, from the Spring 2010 Collection.

    Sena cok tesekurler :)

  4. oh he is single huh? Well,,, like i said.. more pictures please! hahah .... no wait.. i'm not kidding. more boy-style for favor.. :)

    aaahh very carrie like .. oh ok. I get it.. Do ya thing guuurrrl. :)

  5. brother's name and adress please? :)



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