Tuesday, January 18, 2011


After a beautiful day spent outside, I insisted on seeing "Blue Valentine." I knew it was an emotional film about love, but I didn't know how depressing it was. I'm so happy to have seen the movie, but maybe I could have picked a better time. But then again, is there a "right time" to be depressed? I should say, once again, how beautiful the movie was. Seeing Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, who apparently lived in the same apartment for 3 months to prepare for the role, warmed and broke my heart simultaneously.
Dun aksamustu Blue Valentine'i izledim. Bu filmi izlemenin dogru bir zamani var mi bilmiyorum, gercekten depresif bir film, ama ayni zamanda o kadar muhtesem bir oyunculuk, ve mutlulukla birlikte huzun var ki, izlenmeye deger.

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