Friday, January 7, 2011


Alright, today, I have a lesson to teach all of you; brush your teeth. Not only brush them, but make sure you brush them thoroughly and go to the dentist every 6 months. Please don't think that I don't take care of my teeth, (or do, I don't really care) but I had to spend 3 hours at the dentist yesterday, and it was only the first session of the three times that I have to go there next week. I've kind of lost my will to eat after that; not just because it hurt, but because FOOD F'S YOUR TEETH UP!

Anyways.. Once again, my mother's wardrobe came in handy. I love it; sometimes, when she shows me clothes, I can tell she does it with a tiny tiiiiny hesitation, because she knows that those clothes will be traveling over the Atlantic within the month. But she shows them to me anyway. Because she is a great mom. But that's not the point. She showed me this leather jacket she got, and I think the light in my eyes gave away my love at first sight.
Bugunun dersi dislerinizi fircalamanizla ilgili. Senelerce dislerime iyi baktigimi sanarken bugun 3 saatlik bir dis temizleme seansina girdim, bundan sonra da 3 tane daha 3er saatlik seansim var. Acimi siz dusunun.

Neyse. Her zamanki gibi annemin kiyafet dolabi cok yararli oldu. Bazen bana aldigi kiyaftleri gosterirken durakladigini hissediyorum, cunku biliyor ki sonraki ay icersinde o kiyafetler Atlantik Okyanusunu ucuyor olucaklar. Bu deri ceketin de hic farkli yok.

OOOHHHH! For those of you who noticed my Mickey Mouse pin - ISN'T IT THE COOLES PIECE OF JEWELRY YOU'VE EVER SEEN?! I think I would do it justice if I call it vintage, because if I'm not mistaken, I was with my mother and my younger older brother (I love trying to explain that in English, if you have two older brothers, what do you call you brother who is older than you, but he isn't the oldest of the two?) when my mom got it, and that was back in 1996, in Disneyland at Paris.


  1. aaa mickey moustan bende de vardii =)

  2. canta secimlerinde genelde hangi markalari tercih ediyorsun?? sanirim canta konusunda ayakkabida oldugu kadar marka tutkun yok ama ikisinide cok guzel tasiyorsun :))

  3. Cok tesekkurler. Ben aslinda cantaya cok dikkat etmiyorum, bir tane guzel canta aldigimda yillarca kullaniyorum. Genel olarak aldigim bir yer yok aslinda, ve son 3 senedir de ayni cantalari kullaniyorum...



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