Sunday, January 2, 2011


The first outfit picture of the year is actually from last year, but I'm following with my gut to start off the year with things that make me feel good; my "jeggings." (I hate when people combine words to make up a new one, or names to combine two people, but these jeans/leggings do deserve their own name.) As we all can see, I'm no model size. And as we all can see, the "jeggings" (OK I'm over using the name too) did wonders to my legs. I got them from my mom (where else) and they're by Citizens of Humanity. So for the obvious reason, I basically haven't taken them off my "fake small" booty!
Bu senenin ilk kiyafet postuna gecen seneden bir kiyafetle basliyorum, ama hislerimi dinleyerek yilima kendimi iyi hissettiren seylerle baslamak istedim. Gordugunuz gibi bu jean/tayt bacagimi oldugunun yarisi kadar gosteriyor. Bu bariz nedenden dolayi da bu pantalonu annemin dolabindan kendi dolabima aldigimdan beri uzerimden cikartmiyorum!


  1. I can't stop but stare at those beautiful shoes! Are they easy to walk in? cute lace top btw... i love to wear it with neon pink bra. :)

  2. I have to be honest, they're by far the most uncomfortable heels I've ever owned. Definitely not made to walk around!

    And I wear the lacy top with black, kind of the same effect ;)



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