Friday, January 28, 2011


As you've obviously noticed yourself, I like fashion blogs which are not only about what the blogger herself/himself is wearing, but what they like; editorials, new finds, inspirations, etc. So who better than Mandy Shadforth of Oracle Fox? I've been following her blog since I think after a month she started blogging, and I know the love I have for her blog is not only because she is Australian, (I have an unexplainable love for Aussie's) but also because she is impeccable with her taste. So other than to share her blog with you all, I wanted to say, for those of you who are on Bloglovin, to a, follow my blog on there ;) and b, you guys should probably vote for her for 2011 Bloglovin awards, I did...
Here are some of my favorite looks from her...
Fark ettiginiz gibi bloguma sadece kendi resimlerimi koymayi sevmiyorum. Ben birinin stilini beyeniyorsam, onlarin neleri beyendigini gormeyi de seviyorum. Beyendigim bloglardan bir tanesi de Oracle Fox. Acikcasi Mandy'nin stilinden cok ilham aldigi seyleri gormeyi cok seviyorum. Ozellikle is takiya gelince!

Bloglovin'de olanlar da lutfen oncelikle beni orda takip etmeye baslasin :) sonra da 2011 Bloglovin odulleri icin Oracle Fox'a oy versin! Iste birkac sevdigim kiyafetleri...

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  1. Hepsine bayıldım.. çok iyi bir stili varmış hakkaten..



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