Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today, without realizing, I had all sorts of red on me; first was the red on my pants that I decided to wear after a long time. Then, when I got my nails done, I wanted them to be crimson. They turned out to be a little more lighter than I wanted, but they're still red. And finally, when my mother was getting her make-up done, I asked the make-up artist if she knew any good red lipstick. The trick there, for me at least, is that the red I wear has to a, be a matte tone, considering I have full lips (bright and glossy lipstick makes me look like an Angelina Jolie wannabe) and b, they cannot smudge. I hate it when lipsticks leave marks on glasses. Anyways, she told me to try this Mac color, which was exactly what I was looking for. However, since I suck at anything that has to do with make-up, I messed putting the red lipstick on too. Is it extremely sad that I don't even know how to put lipstick on?

Ps. I don't know if all this red coincidence is supposed to mean something. Maybe I'm too passionate? Or mad? Pff, it might be related to all the drama I'm going through with a couple of close friends, but that's a whole other post...
Bugun fark etmeden uzerimde farkli tonlarda kirmizi oldu; pantolonumdaki kirmizi, ojemin kirmizisi, ve son olarak rujum. Benim icin kirmizi rujdaki en onemli ozellik mat olmasi, ve iz birakmamasi. Bu Mac'de tum aradiklarimi buldum! Gerci makyaj yapma beceriksizligimden dolayi ruju bile yanlis surdum. Sizce de bir ruj bile suremem zavalli bir durum mu?


  1. pantolonunu ve ayakkabilarini cok sevdmm

  2. this post made me happy.. I love colours.. and nice shoes! but that, you already knew ;)



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