Sunday, February 13, 2011


What a great weekend, topped off with the red carpet of the Grammys right now, and the show itself later. As you know, I chose to be very lazy for the past couple of days, so lazy that I didn't upload my outfit pictures yesterday. So I'm sorry, some of you sent me really angry emails! Instead, I was out snapping pictures of strangers, tanning, and enjoying my company. In a week or so, I will do a post about the details I caught with my camera.

This is the outfit I was telling you guys about a couple of days ago, following my trend of pink. The top is my long button-up Acne dress that I decided to tie up and wear as a shirt, (because I absolutely hate wearing long tops with pants) and my beloved shoes are my pink ones that I refuse to ever give away. (Unless someone buys me another same shade pink heels ;) ) Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and for those of you who are celebrating it before me (because of the time difference) Happy Valentines!!!
O kadar sakin ve dinlendirici bir haftasonu gecirdim ki, su an Grammy'leri izlemek muhtesem bir son oldu bu 3 gunume. Bana hemen sinirleniyorsunuz kiyafet resimlerimi her gun koymazsam, ama hakkaten cok tembellik yaptim dun ;) Onun yerine guneslendim, ve bol bol fotograf cektim. O resimleri de bir hafta icersinde post edicem kesin.

Bu size bahsettigim, pembe trendini devam ettirdigim kiyafet. Acne gomlek elbisemi baglayip ust olarak giydim, cunku pantolon ustune uzun ust giymeyi hic sevmiyorum. Ve tabi ki vazgecemedigim pembe ayakkabilarim... Yarin Sevgililer Gunu, ve saat farkindan dolayi benden once kutlayacak olanlar icin Sevgililer Gununuz Kutlu olsun!!!


  1. lovely heels!!
    i wish one day you write how to walk with all these :)) i'm serious. give some advices.i'll be glad to read!

  2. thank you!!! I think my secret is that I try to buy heels that are thicker, which are easier to walk in. And to be honest, carrying flats with you is SUCH a good idea for a long day.

  3. Nice outfit and looks very nice and attractive on you too!!

    How many people read your blog on an average day?

  4. thank you! I get some number between 800 - 1000 every day.



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