Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Although my wednesdays are supposed to be my hardest day of the week, (two completely different three hour classes on different sides of town; Improvisation for the Actor and Philosophy) they've been turning out to be more fun than tiring. Today was also one of my closest friend Lana's birthday, who designed my logo for me, and I tend to be in a great mood when it's someone's birthday. I'm just all about celebrating. Happy Birthday Baby Lala :)

Pink is sort of turning out to be the color of the week for me. Although this isn't what I wore today, I did have pink heels on. Anyways, these pictures were taken yesterday. My black skirt, black t-shirt, Miu Miu collar that I finally had a chance to wear, and heels with socks - which seem to be my favorite trend of the month. - And PS, I am obsessed with grey nail polish!
Carsamba gunleri iki tane, birbirinden cok farkli uc saatlik dersim oldugu icin en zor gunlerimden biri olmasi gerekirken nedense cok guzel geciyorlar. Bugun ayrica onemliydi, cunku en yakin arkadaslarimdan birinin dogumgunuydu, ve nedense tanidigim birinin dogumgunu olunca keyfim yerinde oluyor.

Bu haftanin rengi pembe gibi gozukuyor. Bu kiyafet dunden, ama bugun de okula giderken pembe topuklu ayakkabi giydim, onun resimleri baska gune :) Bu arada gri ojeye bayildim!

pictures by WD.


  1. nice! love everything from head to toe. cute little details aswell!

  2. ohh ne guzel oralarda hava sicak :(( yine cok hos gorunuyosun:))

  3. oh it's your new year's gift isnt' it? the miu miu scarf! looks like Fred Flintstone's tie :))



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