Monday, March 28, 2011


For some reason, it seems like a Cinderella story, and I know I already talked about saturday night, but having the pictures on my computer makes me so much happier. (Of course I'm not referring to my individual pictures, I'm talking about other pictures that I won't be sharing with you :) ) A little bit of pink light, a beautiful dress (and believe you me, you'll be hearing a lot about this new brand from me, Calioutfit), him on my side, and the best beer I ever had... What more could I ask for? Unfortunately you don't get to see the Gala pictures, but we're thinking of going to deYoung and seeing the beautiful dresses one more time, where I'll definitely be taking pictures.
Nedense cumartesi gecem Kulkedisi hikayesi gibi geliyor bana, ve resimlerin sonunda bilgisayarima gecmis olmasi beni cok mutlu etti. (Tabi ki bahsettigim resimler benim tek cekildigim fotograflar degil, buraya koymayacagim fotograflar :) )Pembe isiklar, muhtesem bir elbise, (Calioutfit'le ilgili benden cooook sey duyucaksiniz, hazir olun) yanimda o, ve hayatimda ictigim en iyi bira... Daha ne isteyebilirim ki?! Malesef Gala'nin resimlerini cekemedik, ama deYoung muzesine yakin bir zamanda tekrar gidip kiyafetlerin resimlerini cekme planlarimi en kisa zamanda gerceklestiricem, soz!

Wearing a Calioutfit dress.


  1. I'm really glad that you had fun! I hope you can make it to deYoung once more, some pics would be awesome :) This dress is so freaking dreamy! WOW! It's so beautiful and the print's awesome! Which pair of your heavenly beautiful shoes you wore with this beauty?? Btw, your hair's really gorgeous like that! You are PRETTYYYY!!

  2. You are gorgeous!!! Harikasın. Minik kız kardeşimmiş gibi takip ediyorum seni! (çok içimden geldi bu yorum umarım bozulmassın:)

  3. Demy - it's acually not a print, it's hand painted! Thank you!! I wore them witm my Miu Miu's :)

    Caglan cok tesekkur ederim, tabi ki bozulmadim!

    Cok tesekkurler!!



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