Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My mom always told me that I looked great with my hair up, and I always disliked the way I looked like that. However, I definitely do think that it makes me look older, and certainly more mature. And what this week - so far - has taught me, was maturity. Sorry for the short post, busy with re-writes.
Annem hep bana sacimi toplu beyendigini soylemistir, ben de hicbir zaman beyenmemisimdir. Beni daha olgun ve buyuk gosterdigi kesin, ve bu hafta da olgun olmam gereken bir hafta. Kisa yazilar icin kusuruma bakmayin, yapmam gereken cok odev/proje var onumuzdeki haftadaki New York seyahatim oncesi...


  1. Hey granny!! Ok, I'm just kidding! I have to agree with your mom, your hair looks so so gorgeous like that, I think you should wear it like that waaaayyy more often! :D

    Anyway, your outfit is (again) gooorgeous! I love so so much this grecian dress, you look like a goddess in it, because it's compared with the gold accessories and the whole look is really aristocratic! I'm totally loving it! And of course I adore the edge that your shoes give to the outfit, I'm wondering how you're walking up there though! They seem to be hiiiiiigh!!!! :P hahha, I imagined myself crawling in them! :P So, you look stunning, keep up with the perfect work! :D

  2. tres chic :) j ai beaucoup aimee, ca te va tres bien cookiem

  3. Melo - Thank you hayatim cok mersi

    Demy- as always, you're too kind. And the heels are actually very comfortable, the thicker the heel, the more comfortable in my opinion...

    Cookie - merci beaucoup, je t'aime!

    thingsiloved - tesekkur ederim :)



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