Friday, March 18, 2011


For those of you who are New Yorkers, or for those of you who have been to New York towards the end of March, you know that it's usually cold, and by usually, I mean all the time. However, to our luck, the weather was gorgeous today, and I literally walked around in my pink sleeveless dress, never feeling cold.

To start off the day, - for the first time in my life - we went to the Plaza, and had breakfast. I don't know if it was the mental state of "this food has to be amazing," or if it was actually a fact, but the granola I had was the best I ever had. The rest of my day included walking around, having lunch at Bilboquet, which is a favorite of me and my mom's, trying to locate the Celine sunglasses I've been dying to get, walking around a lot more, and finally ending up at Nobu, and eating more. Tomorrow, we take over Soho!
New Yorklu'lar veya New York'a Mart ayinde gelenler bu zamanda havanin ne kadar soguk oldugunu bilirler. Biz o kadar sansliydik ki, bugun ben butun gun kolsuz pembe elbisemle hic usumeden dolandim.

Sabah Plaza'da kahvaltiyla basladi, sonra gunumun devami gezerek, (3rd Avenue) yiyerek, (Bilboquet) icerek, (Rose sarap) biraz daha gezerek (Lexington, Times Square), ve biraz daha yiyerek (Nobu) devam etti. Yarin ver elini Soho!


  1. AAAAAHHHH.... New York, New York, I loooove you!!

    Ok, now that I expressed my love for this awesome city, I can tell you for sure that New Yorkers were stunned by you and that you broke many many hearts walking aroung with this gorgeous dress and these shoes! I love everything, everything I tell you! :) So so pretty! Thanks for posting these pics, so that we people can dream :P

  2. bu elbiseyi cok seviyorum...
    ne kadar güzel !
    almanya cok soguk =/

  3. Demy - it seems like the truck drivers of NY agree with you about my dress :)

    Elbise Zara'dan, ALmanya'da al, kalin coraplarla giy!! :)



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