Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The weather is getting to me; I changed my outfit about 20 times before I went window shopping, (and this wasn't what I looked like) I realized that there is the July Vogue issue that Istill haven't read, and last but not least, at Urban Outfitters, I literally called a mannequin a "skinny bitch." Wow, now that I got that out of my system, back to my power point presentation hw about "trends."
Bu hava bana dokunmaya basladi; alisverise cikmadan 20 kere kiyafet degistirdim, (ve giydigim kiyafet bu degildi) hala okumadigim Vogue'un temmuz sayisi oldugunu kesfettim, ve en onemlisi, Urban Outfitter'da dolanirken plastik mankenlerden birinin inceligine kufur ettim. Neyse, artik trendlerle ilgili hazirlamam gereken power point sunumuma geri donuyorum...

Wearing Urban Outfitters Sweater, Levi's Shorts, Barbara Bui Heels


  1. You're so cute...calling a mannequin "skinny bitch" is a great fashionista move, especially when that fashionista is annoyed as hell by heat! I hate the humidity as well, makes me feel so fat:(

  2. o mankenlere en çok küfürü bu sezon o minicik yuksek bel kot şortlar için ediyorum ben :)

  3. Nesli ~ It's okay though, I prefer heat over rain any day!

    Nakedqueen ~ Ben de ben de! :)



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