Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have quite a few outfit pictures from this weekend, considering I was barely home in the last 72 hours. These are from friday night. Wore the perfect dress for my friend's birthday dinner where all we did was to dance, drink & eat.
Haftasonundan birkac tane kiyafet resmim var; 72 saattor pek evde durdugum soylenemez. Bu resimler de cuma aksamindan. Arkadasimin dogumgunu yemegine tam uyacak bir elbise giydim, butun gece de dans, yemek, ve icmekle gecti...

Wearing a Zara Dress with Chloe Heels.


  1. dress is greaat :) liked ur outfit :))
    i loee you nail polish.xOxO



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