Saturday, January 28, 2012


Had an Oscar overload for the past few days. As I always do, with the release of the nominee list of the Oscars, I start watching all the movies that I can that are on the list. I started with "Midnight in Paris," moved along to "Moneyball," and today, watched both "The Descendants" and "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close." Since leaving the movie theatre, I have reached my tear limit of the day, if not of the week. Thankfully I have friends coming over for some Taboo and beer...!
Oscar adaylari aciklandigindan beri izleyebildigim tum adaylari izliyorum. Once Midnight In Paris, sonra Moneyball, bugun de ust uste The Descendant ve Extremely Loud and Incredibly CLose izledim. Gunluk aglama limitimi doldurmus vaziyetteyim. Neyse ki aksam Taboo oynamak icin arkadaslarim geliyor da, aglayarak basladigim gunu gulerek bitirebilecegim...!

Wearing a J Crew Dress, Ash Boots, Prada Purse.

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  1. Looking VERY chic - I'd like to see their faces when you're going through Paris customs with that bracelet collection ;) So you've finished the book AND seen the film now??! I have some catching up to do...

  2. siyah çok yakışmış alara:) bu arada bileklikler harika :)

  3. N.S. ~ Hehe :)

    Want More Fashion ~ Tesekkurler!

    Esra Tkl ~ Cok tesekkur ederim!



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