Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm watching a documentary called The Hollywood Complex, about young kids and their parents who fly to LA during pilot season in the hopes of snatching a role. The documentary mainly takes place in Oakwood, which is where almost all the families stay for this season, and the documentary makes it sound like it's the most family - and especially kid - oriented place. When I stayed there, it was a lot  different. There were more parties than family dinners, and more 20 something topless girls than kids in the pool. Oh well, it must have been a different season... ;)
Bir tane belgesel izliyorum su anda, The Hollywood Complex ismi. Kucuk cocuklarin ve ailelerinin pilot cekimleri doneminde Los Angeles'a gidislerini anlatiyor. Kaldiklari yer, Oakwood, icin de muhtesem bir tablo cizmisler; sadece ailelere yonelik tipi. Ben gecen yaz orda kaldigimda aile yemeklerinden cok partiler, cocuklardan cok da 20lerin ustsuz gezen kizlar vardi. Farkli bir sezonda ordaydim galiba...;) 

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