Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been getting a lot of emails, asking me about my favorite spots in San Francisco, and I finally got a chance to prepare a post for it. This might come in a few different editions, starting with.. food!
Sizden aldigim bircok mailden sonra sonunda San Francisco'yla ilgili birkac post hazirlayabildim. Ilki: yemek!

Slanted Door: Favorite restaurant; great Vietnamese food, tasty drinks, vibrant bar scene. (I'm turning into Open Table.)

Garden Court: Sunday brunch. A little pricy, but it's all you can eat, and everything you can think of, they have. You also listen to great jazz.

Cafe de la Presse: Great outdoors cafe. Great for breakfast and lunch. 

Crab House: Huge sizes, and lots of eating with your hand. It's a great place to get messy!

Crown & Crumpet: ...and my favorite! An overload of pink, with every girl thing imaginable. It's a favorite place of mine to take my guests.

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  1. Cafe de la Presse'te yedigimiz ogle yemegini unutamayiz :) Cok guzel bir post olmus.


    sevgiler :)



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