Friday, August 10, 2012


The idea of never going in to a classroom and taking 3 hour classes is a foreign concept to me. However, with my two last classes finished as of yesterday, I am an official graduate of the Academy of Art University.

With that, comes a few downfalls. By "that," I am referring to my move back to Turkey. Let's start with Pandora. That has got to be the most ridiculous restriction Turkey has. Creating playlists? How rude.
Next? Netflix/HBO. I mean... I don't even know what to say about that. How can you forbid anyone to watch Girls? We can't listen to the kind of music we like, and we can't watch the kind of movies/shows we want. Are hobbies the new sins?
Don't even get me started about coffee houses. In Frisco, we switched between Cup a Joe's, which turned in to a HW bar after 3 pm with $2 beers, loud music, and bad flirting, and Cafe Bean, which was my hiding place when I lived in the dorms. (I also used to spy on my crush from the windows.)

Last but not least; "Hello," "Good morning," "How are you," and "Have a great day" lack in our vocabulary. When I was in Mykonos, my friend snapped at me for saying "Thank you" frequently. No joke. I want to see people smiling. I want to look at people's eyes on the street without being treated like a creep in heels. I want happy people walking their dogs and being friendly. I miss my friends, my family in San Francisco. San Francisco... 

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  1. Being friendly is a sin here. Instead they give you rudeness, negative thoughts and no belief in upcoming wonderful days, however trying non-stop, is in our genes.Keep looking for it ;)

  2. Belki bizim gibi insanlar günaydın, nasılsın dedikçe herkes alışır? çok mu polyannayım? en azından bir yerden başlamak lazım :)

    pandora yerine fizy, netflix vs yerine de apple store ya da türk dizi sitelerini öneririm. urban outfitters ve anthropologie yerine birşey öneremem ama :)

  3. Well, Pandora/HBO/Netflix restrictions are not specific to the Turks, but also to the rest of the world.

    Have you ever heard of something called "copyright"?

    So, you may be living in Turkey, France (like me), or Afghanistan, it's the same thing, you can't access this websites because it's not USA.

    You will have to do what the rest of the world does, buy the dvds, if you are not patient you can still use torrent or streaming.

  4. Who's being rude now with that post? Just stay there if it bothers you that much! Such bs!



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