Tuesday, September 4, 2012


When something is consuming your thoughts, you suddenly notice it everywhere. When I learned that my daughter, Julia, was expecting, I immediately began seeing babies and new mothers on planes, at fashion shows, in New York and in Paris. Birth and rebirth all around. I became obsessed. At the same time, I was thinking and dreaming about the first issue of this magazine, which you are reading now. This issue takes rebirth as its theme and is filled with both images and ideas about birth, pregnancy, and family. The promise of youth, the force of age, and the rush of all things new. It’s an escape, a fashion fairy tale. It’s a dream of a better life—because fashion is meant to make us dream. 

CR is a place for these fantasies of fashion—the most irresistible clothes on the most beautiful girls captured by some of the most visionary photographers. We celebrate the genius and staying power of fashion’s most brilliant creators. At the same time, however, I like to think of CR as a platform for rising stars. Fashion is an industry built on the excitement and energy of youth, and CR is where you’ll see new talent first. I’ve edited the magazine to be a who’s who of the next generation, as well as an ode to fashion’s legends and icons. Created with humor, joy, grace, and always a dash of irreverence. —Carine

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