Tuesday, September 11, 2012


With the invention of the Iphone and the camera that points to the person who is holding it, there is no shame in self-adorance. And if there is one city where people adore themselves, it must be Paris. And why shouldn't they? They smoke so much that the women are now in the shape of cigarettes, (and love wearing cigarette pants and skirts) they have a language that's un-decodable by most, - it's like they have their own grand inside joke - they have the most breathtaking buildings with gold goodies, they made noir trop cool, and they most certainly don't hurt on the eyes. Within the five minutes I've been writing this, I spotted 10 women I would like to replace. And the best part about all this is that I'll be calling this city my home for a couple of weeks... In deep gratitude. 

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  1. yeni yemek ve alışveriş keşiflerini bekleriz . haftaya orada olacağım.



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