Sunday, September 2, 2012


When did it become fall? Did I not notice it because I was too busy with my too-many-miles move from San Francisco to Istanbul, the radical changes I've made, and necessary adjustments? I woke up yesterday, the first day of September, and for the first time in 4 years, I was in Istanbul, Turkey, in my bedroom. With 8tracks  playing songs just to make me miserable, I had time to lie in bed and think. And all I thought about was my home in San Francisco.... 
Sonbaharin gelisini kacirmisim... San Francisco'dan buraya donusum ve degisikliklere alisma surecim icerisinde bir baktim yaz bitmis. Senelerden sonra ilk kez bir Eylul ayina Istanbul'da girerken aklim hep San Francisco'da...

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  1. You look amazing! And marant's are cool;))))

  2. ayakkabıların numaraları birebir tutuyo mu? normalde giydiğiniz numara mı? ona göre internet siparişi vericem fakat numara konusunda pek bi bilgim yok. yardımcı olursan sevinirim. iyi günler:)

  3. Xaver ~ Thank you!!!

    Anonymous ~ Evet tam tutuyor.

  4. you should write more often and longer english:) just kidding.
    there is something in the way you write that makes me feel excited, happy, blue, wistful, what-ever-you-feel with you...



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