Tuesday, September 18, 2012


You know what it is I love the most about this city? No one is rushing you. You're at a cafe, reading a book, drinking, and there is no one hurrying you to get up and leave. You can sit there for 3 hours without getting disturbed once, other than the occasional "Est-ce vous voulez plus du vin madame?" 
Bu sehirle ilgili en sevdigim sey kimsenin kimseyi aceleye getirmemesi. Saatlerce ayni yerde oturabiliyorsunuz, kimse de size karismiyor. Ani yasiyabiliyorsunuz...

Wearing a Kenzo Sweater, Zara Skirt, Celine Heels.

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  1. ayakkabı seçimlerin o kadar güzel ki onlara bakmaktan kıyafetine bakamıyorum



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