Sunday, January 13, 2013


Tonight is more nostalgic to me than anything else; it's that cliche little girl from a "little town" story - although I know Istanbul isn't considered too much of a little town. However I find myself back in that  pre-college reality, where I am up at 1 am in the morning to watch the red carpet that recently happened for me on a Sunday afternoon last year. During my days in San Francisco, as my friend reminded me today, I would have been watching this show, playing obnoxious drinking games such as... well, drinking every time George Clooney appears on camera. 

As for now, I'm watching the show without alcoholic beverages, minus my "show season crew," and sans my regular show season outfits. Hey, it's not easy fake-attending these awards.

The one thing that never changes is the undeniable fashion overload. Here is Kate Hudson wearing Alexander McQueen, Naomi Watts in Zac Posen, Kristen Wiig wearing Michael Kors.

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