Monday, February 4, 2013


Is it really Fashion Week again? Did it ever stop being Fashion Week? I would like to suggest to make a teeny tiny difference, and start calling weeks where there isn't a fashion show "non-fashion week," and just see if that even exists. I think not.

Here are the three pieces the incredibly dressed women leaving shows will be coveting in Tommy Ton/ Scott Schuman/Garance Dore pictures: (and ruining the whole experience of wearing something for the first time for normal people, like me.)

The Hula. Before we know it, Mira is going to be lost behind this bad boy.

The Alexander Wang stripy shoes. It'll be yellow Louis Vuitton striped paired with these subtle ones. Yea, subtle. 

The Balenciaga rings. Fashion is all in the details. Street photography - once again thanks to Tommy Ton - is also in the details. Do you get where I'm going with this?
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  1. Bu yüzüklere ben de su aralar takılmısım durumdayım, gümüş olanını dergide gördüğümden beri...



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