Monday, April 22, 2013


"In light of everything that happened the past week, there are several things that everybody should consider. The prime suspect has been apprehended and after what seems like forever we can all relax. The men and women who worked nonstop to take action and protect us did a marvelous job and I'm sure dont get enough credit because absolutely none of us know what they went through. SO thats that. This situation is over. But what we all need to understand is that even though this is new to Boston this happens all over the world, every day, and often times way worse. The same day that the bombs went off, a car bomb exploded in central Baghdad (Iraq) killing 30 and injuring many, many people. Likewise, in Syria for those of you that dont know much about whats going on over there, there is a very brutal, bloody, intense and confusing Civil War going on since 2011. With over 80,000 dead in the past two years and really (simply put) no end in sight we need to realize that we ARE VERY FUCKIN' LUCKY. We need to take this time in America to educate ourselves about what is happening abroad and close to home, and become familiar with our world. It is very easy for us to become distracted with things. Things like video games, weed (love it), sex, social media, etc. It is very easy to get consumed by other things and forget about what the fuck is going on in the world. As free people it is our obligation to read multiple sources and not base our opinion from one sole news source: FOX, NBC, CNN, AL Jazeera, The Guardian, etc. If you hear one story from one source, check out the same story from a completely different perspective. Dig deeper if you want to really analyize the Sequester, or sectarian violence in the Middle East, or the Sex trade in the United States. We have the tools, we have the intelligence, so lets fuckin use it to better ourselves and everyone around us. I'm not writing this thinking like "Oh im the best, Im the smartest, I know what im talking about.." because im far from perfect. Im hungover, i smoke cigarettes (quit), and i love dubstep (im black). But whenevr I can take a chance to learn and empathise with somebody I don't know or a concept I dont know anything about, I try! And I guess that I am lucky for that. We aren't in Aleppo (Syria) hiding in a basement for fear of getting shot by a Sniper in the streets, we aren't in Mexico being paranoid about when the next mutilated body victim to the Cartels is going to pop up, we arent living in the streets of Ethiopia or Somalia worrying about the women we love getting raped and murdered, we dont have to worry about child soldiers running around with AK-47s. We are lucky. What happened this week was terrible on multiple fronts. I think we all demonstrated that people are human and that we all care about one another even if we dont know someone. I have never seen a group of people sympathize with each other like I did this week. It's a shame that it takes a couple of deaths and injuries for people not to take shit for granted, and appreciate everybody for who they are and what they believe in. Democrat, Republican, Gay or Straight, Black or White, Shia or Sunni, Yankee fans or Red Sox fans, Madrid fans or Barcelona fans, lets unite and not be fuckin ignorant to eachother because someone looks different from us. Are we in Middle School? Fuck no. We are all here and one day we will die. Instead of negating say "Yes...and I like that too" instead of putting yourself above someone. Dont be a clique because you are a better performer than the majority, dont be a jock because you are in better shape than somebody, dont be a prick because you make more money than somebody (No one cares about the high paying job you got after graduating because I serve tables and I love it! AND I MAKE NO MONEY) its time for us to ACTUALLY make a change because after these events everyone talks about loving one another and then after a week it goes away. IT shouldnt take something as tragic as this event in Boston to bring people together because it happens everywhere. Lets all be friends again. Like Kindergarten. Yea, kindergarten was fun. Lets all be friends, or if not friends just smile at someone and walk away if you really cant stand them. Anyway, yea. Lets do this."

by Christian Roberts. Miss this man's positive energy.

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