Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Love Affair With H&M Part II

well I guess it's technically not that cold, and by technically, I mean it's not cold at all. But you know what's hot? The H&M peacoat. (I'd suck at writing one liners for ads, clearly.) And there actually is a reason why I'm overdressed for the season, for the purpose of the H&M Launch on the 4th of September, which some of you will be invited to. Remember? Leave a comment, or don't, you know?

H&M Peacoat, H&M Skirt (old season), Celine Heels.

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  1. Divine...
    (pick me)

  2. I love it! I hope, you re gonna pick me :)
    Umut fakirin ekmegi :)

  3. i really love your style in general, but this outfit is not my thing but.. pick me! :D



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