Monday, February 15, 2010


It's true when they say old habits die hard. Over the weekend, I found myself to be drawn to things, well, people, I find comfort in. When you have it so good, you can't really let it go.
I have nothing to write about Valentines Day - and I know that makes me sound bitter about Valentines, but I'm really not. Last year I had a "Valentine" and we went to the zoo. It was good, I had a great time, but I also had a great time watching the All Star game this year. I purposefully didn't walk around to see the city; I'm not so big on the "love just threw up and that's why there are hearts everywhere" look. I even think that red is overused.
Before I forget, the funniest thing happened to me friday. I was helping my friend out with his photography homework and this old, drunk, about to get high man decided to pose for us. While they were having a heart to heart with my friend, I was busy doing his hw, and taking the old man's pictures. For a close up, I decided to bring the camera closer instead of zooming in. The man said "Don't come in too close, I'm into 36 C's, you're too small." I said "I'm into young men, don't worry." I'm telling you, this stuff only happens in San Francisco...

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