Sunday, March 28, 2010


I haven't been happy in a long time in Frisco I feel like... It was a good idea to hang back and stay here for the Spring Break. He keeps telling me that once Spring arrives, Frisco will be better, and he is right indeed. There is something calming about sunny Frisco.

We walked everywhere this weekend; Haight Street, North Point, Russian Hill... To Haight, I went with my good friend, Caro, who takes most of my pictures!

We went there to sell our clothes. I got rid of all the pants that are too big for me now, it's a good feeling =) I was wearing my new skirt I got in NYC with a long sleeved shirt to make it casual.

Then these boys took me, well, they didn't really take me, but in order to walk back from North Point, we took Jones street back and saw beautiful views of San Francisco.

Now, back to reality...

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