Friday, December 24, 2010


I've grown up with the same group of people almost my whole life. I've graduated from high school with 25 other students, we were the first graduates. Some of us changed schools after 8th grade, but most of us stayed and finished the school we attended for 12 years. You can imagine how our friendships evolved over the year. Some of didn't really get along, but still, when you share the same room with a limited amount of students, you grow used to the feeling of having them around.

Unfortunately, today, some of us attended the funeral of the grandmother of one of our high school friends. I haven't seen her in the past year, but the second I caught a glimpse of her, my heart melted. While she was crying on my shoulder, she said "You guys have a different place in my heart, you're true friends." I don't mean to be cheesy, but it's true. You can have so many people around you, who end up being acquaintances, but your true friends you find around you at your darkest moments... May her grandmother rest in piece.

On a completely lighter note, I slept longer than 3 hours last night, which was the peek of my week so far! I get so cranky when I sleep less than 8 hours, and even I wouldn't want to be around me if that's the case (some people get bitchy pre-period, I get like that pre-noon), but it's nothing I can prevent. So today, when I visited my grandparents, I was definitely more presentable than I was for the past couple of days.

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