Thursday, December 23, 2010


My love for jewelry is rapidly increasing. I don't necessarily wear a ring on 4 fingers at a time regularly, but I also never leave the house without wearing a ring. And why should I? Who doesn't like decorations, especially ones you can show off every single day?! (Too much exaggeration? Ok, I'll stop.)

Here are a few rings I saw and would love to have be a part of my jewelry collection. I used to think that the only thing you can spend money on, and as much money as necessary, would be shoes, and that has been my shopping motto for the past however many years I've been shopping. Now, there is a new found excitement - rings!

If you can't get enough like me, click here to shop and see more options by the lovely Joanna Szkiela.


  1. woha! i love them! never seen such beautiful rings!:) i own a lot, but these are missing!



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